51.2V 100Ah Rack-Mounted LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery | IP65 Certified

Item No.: TWE0324
Maximize your energy solutions with our 51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery. This rack-mounted unit is designed for optimal performance in residential and commercial settings.
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Product Specifications
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Model No. TWE48100 A grade LiFePO4 Battery
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah 5.12Kwh
Dimensions 450*440*155mm   Width*Depth*Height
Cycle Life ≥6000 times @0.5C 80% DOD
Charge Cut-off Voltage 58.4V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 44.8V
Standard Charge Current 50A
Max Charge Current 100A Recommended: 50A
Standard Discharge Current 50A
Max Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Max Peak Discharge Current 200A
Operation Temperature Charge: 0℃~45℃, Discharge: -20℃~60℃
Storage Temperature 0℃~35℃
Internal Resistance ≤35mΩ
Communication Method RS485, RS232,CAN
Housing Material Metal shell Protection class: IP65
Weight Approx. 40kg
Protection Over charge, over discharge, over current, over voltage, short circuit, cell protection, temperature protection, etc.
Product Advantages

High-Capacity Energy Storage


Our 51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery delivers reliable, high-capacity storage solutions, making it perfect for managing home energy needs or commercial energy systems. With a total energy capacity of 5.12kWh, this battery supports significant energy demands with efficiency and stability.


Durable and Safe


Engineered with safety and longevity in mind, this battery features an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures safe operation through overcharge, over-discharge, and temperature protections. The IP65 certification denotes a high level of protection against dust and water, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.


Versatile Compatibility


Compatible with leading inverter brands such as Goodwe, Deye, and Growatt, this battery integrates seamlessly into existing energy systems, enhancing versatility without the need for extensive modifications. Its rack-mounted design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, ensuring a streamlined setup process.

-High safety, with advanced smart BMS
-High efficiency rate: 98%
-Easy installation
-6000+ cycle life and 15 years service life
-Perfectly match over 16 brands hybrid inverter
-Good performance in high temperature and low temperature
Solar energy storage system, home energy storage, communication base station, EV charging, RV energy storage, Photovoltaic energy storage, high-speed rail energy storage, industry energy storage, etc.
Home Energy Storage
Communication Base Station
PV System
Industry Energy Storage
High-speed Rail
Safety certificate: CE,CB, IEC62133, UL, PSE
Environmental certificate: ROHS, REACH
Quality management certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI
Shipping certificate: UN38.3, MSDS, Air/Sea Transport Identification&Classification Report
CE certificate
RoHS certificate
IEC62133 certificate
UN38.3 certificate
ISO9001 certificate
Production Process
01 Materials Mixing
Fully automatic feeding system,High precision, fully enclosed
02 Coating
High precision constant temperature coating machine
03 Electrode Piece Rolling
Precision automatic roller machine
04 Electrode Piece Slitting
Automatic battery electrode piece continuous slitting machine
08 Injection
Fully automatic bell type liquid injection machine
07 Tab Welding&Beading
Automatic welding machine
06 Into Shell
05 Winding
Automatic winding machine
09 Automatic Laser Welding
10 Formation&Capacity Sorting
Needle bed type charging cabinet
11 Cycle Test
All cells will be 100% tested for 3 cycles.
12 OQC Test
100% full test on appreance, voltage, capacity, resistance, size, etc
With 20 years experience in battery field, Topwell can ship the battery by Sea / Air / Express.
We can provide you with all DG certification which allows you to ship these batteries, such
as UN38.3 /MSDS /DG. We can ship from Shenzhen,Shanghai,HK...
Brand Introduction

Yichun Topwell Power Co., Ltd (Trademark:TWE) established in 2002, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of lithium polymer batteries, lithium ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lithium thionyl chloride batteries. Products are widely used in consumer electronics, Internet of Things, smart home, medical, vehicle, home and outdoor energy storage, and have obtained CE, RoHS, Reach, UN38.3, IEC62133, CB, UL, MSDS certifications, etc.


Topwell moves on by providing reliable, efficient and intelligent battery solutions to meet different energy needs. We have efficient engineering, production and quality management teams. From raw material procurement, to production, testing, sales and after-sales service, all steps have been controlled by a strict quality management system. Our factory has passed ISO9001, IS014001, BSCI certification, SGS, Intertek audit. With the advantages in price, quality and service, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many well-known brands. Topwell always attached the great importance to the long term cooperation with customers. No matter the order is big or small, we do our best to support you the highest quality with favorable price. We believe that Topwell Power can be your best battery supplier!


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