What is a home energy storage system?

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What is a home energy storage system? getting more popular?

The home energy storage system mainly stores the excess power generated by solar panels in the battery pack, which is convenient for the family to use at any time. During the day. When the sunlight is normal, the solar photovoltaic modules generate more energy, and the battery can store it to ensure the electricity at night or another cloudy or rainy day. Also because the battery can optimize the use of electricity, it can ensure the effective operation of the entire home system. At the same time, if there is a sudden suspension of household electricity consumption, for example, if the desktop computer drawings cannot be saved in time in the future, the fresh food in the refrigerator will melt and may deteriorate, etc., but with a home energy storage system, it can maintain continuous power consumption under such circumstances. performance and extremely short response times. The home energy storage system makes solar panel power generation more reliable, avoiding the disadvantage of not being able to generate electricity in rainy days, and affected by the world energy crisis, these systems are becoming more and more common, accepted and loved by everyone, and protect the environment At the same time, it can save energy and generate electricity sustainably.

Topwell solar energy storage system
A home energy storage system includes the following components:
1.PV (lightweight flexible solar panels or folded unibody panels)
2. Inverter or multi-function inverter (you can choose according to your needs)
3. WIFI module or 4G module (there will be slight differences at home and abroad)
4. Battery energy storage battery (divided into wall-mounted type, floor-mounted roller type, and battery combination detachable type, choose according to your own power consumption. According to power consumption, the main houses in Europe are made of wood, and the weight of the wall-mounted type may be considered)
Finally, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of home energy storage:
Advantages of home battery systems:
-Reduces emissions -Reduces pollution and demand on grids dependent on coal and natural gas
-Power failure safety -Provides backup power in case of power outage or emergency
- Reduce costs - save money by using less grid energy (for domestic energy-stressed areas, cost-related issues can be ignored, for foreign countries, their electricity bills may be 10 times higher than domestic ones)
- Become energy independent - Store excess solar energy to reduce grid usage
-Reduce peak demand -Support the grid during peak hours and provide grid stabilization services

Disadvantages of home battery systems:
Higher upfront cost - adds more to total system cost

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